Vikas Film Factory Pvt. Ltd.

Vikas Film Factory

When Sense Entertainment started to grow well, Vikas Kumar Modi then moved to another side of the film industry which has lost its identity under the pressure of Bollywood’s “100 crore club”. Mr. Modi formed his own production house in 2018 under the name Vikas Film Factory (VFF) to promote regional movies. VFF was originally incorporated to add value to the Indian culture and support regional movies.

The true purpose of VFF is to give some identity to the regional movies as well, be it Tollywood, Rajasthani, Oriya, Bengali, Assamese, Bihari, Kashmiri, and so on. VFF provides finances to the directors and producers of these regional movies and helps them to promote their movies. In past, VFF has produced several regional movies and they have done well at the box office.

All the phases of a film production is been covered in VFF, whether its development, pre-production, production, post-production, or distribution of the film. The production house does all sorts of activities that generally a production house does from selecting a script to coordinating writing, directing, editing, and making arrangements of finances.

There are several regional movies which are running under production stage and will soon hit the theatres.