The journey of Dr. Vikas Modi was not easy. Despite getting an inherent business, managing the business and taking it further was undoubtedly a challenging task. He has to face a lot of fallback throughout the journey but his will to take it further and achieve great height never let him stop. 

Taking “Goods Carrying Corporation (GCC) Pvt. Ltd.” to another height-

As his father used to work in a freight and logistics company, so he started the business of the same of their own in the year 1997. Their logistic business initially started under the name “Goods Carrying Corporation (GCC)”. GCC was just a foundation stone for his business. Vikas Modi inherited this business and now they have 24 branches across the country

Establishment of “Sahara Domestic International Pvt. Ltd.” 1997-

The success of the name “Goods Carrying Corporation (GCC)” lead him to establish another company in 2000 naming “Sahara Domestic International.” With the opening of this company he has taken his business overseas and now they do transportation abroad as well.

Establishment of “Goods Carrying Cargo Pvt. Ltd.” 2005-

His desire to touch the sky doesn’t end here. He took another step in the year 2005 when he moved further with just transportation established a packers and movers company called “Goods Carrying Cargo Private Ltd.”

Establishment of “Sense Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.” 2010-

During his school life, he met then superstar Divya Bharti. That was the time when he saw the lifestyle, luxury, fame, and glamour associated with a superstar, and this interest of him to achieve the fame he decided to become a film producer. So, by the year 2010, he founded Sense Entertainment which was started with the purpose of financing and investing but later on it added on to a passion for the production of movies and Production houses.

Establishment of “Vikas Film Factory” 2018- 

His passion for movie production leads to the formation of the “Vikas Film Factory” which added value to the Indian culture by producing regional movies in Kannada. He also produced few south Indian films.

Other Industries 2005-2010-

After attaining great heights in the transportation business he then tried his hands in various other fields like Textiles, Logistics, Share trading, and several ventures and got a positive response in all fields.