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Vikas Kumar Modi is a renowned name in the field of Logistics and movie producing. He aced every field wherever he tried his hand on and grabbed awards for his excellent work and contribution towards India’s transportation sector and glamour industry.

From the schooling days, he was a very active kid, who used to participate in all activities to remain in the limelight. He also joined Scout training when he was in 9th standard. Maybe that is the reason he never stays polite and wants to explore every possible business and make a big name in all professions.

His nature of experimenting in different fields and achieving new heights in life is not just his passion but also his dream, which he is achieving with each passing day. He has his hands share trading, textiles and others as well, but the taste of success he tasted in transportation and film production only.

Mr. Modi also awarded with ‘Bharat Ratna Award’ in the year 2010 by the government of India for his commendable work in the sector of transportation and logistics. He garnered other national and global awards as well in the same field.