From Logistics to Entertainments Dr. Vikas Kumar Modi has a group of companies registered with his name across India. this group of companies includes Goods Carrying Corporation Pvt Ltd, Goods Carrying Cargo Pvt Ltd, Sahara Domestic International Pvt Ltd, Sense Entertainments Pvt Ltd, Vikas Film Factory Pvt Ltd, Sungrow Power and Energy Limited, and so on. 

His production houses Sense Entertainments and Vikas Film Factory have produced some remarkable Songs, Bollywood Movies, Ad Commercials, Short Films, and Regional Films. Apart from production Sense Entertainment works in event management also. 

The second main sector in which their companies Sahara Domestic International Pvt Ltd, Goods Carrying Cargo Pvt Ltd, etc are working is Logistics. These companies are on such a large scale that they provide logistics and shifting services not only in India but internationally also. House Shifting, Corporate Office Shifting, and all kinds of delivery services are provided by these companies by road, water, and even air transportation mediums also.