Early Life and Family

Born on 29 August 1977 to Shri Shankarlal Ji Modi and Santosh Devi Modi in an extended family of around 30 people living under a single roof in Sujangarh city located in Churu district of Shekhawati region in Rajasthan. His father had a job in a transportation and logistics company and being the son of a serviceman he was bought up in different regions of the country. 
His younger brother Jitesh Kumar Modi is Graduated from Bangalore and is now co-partner with him in his logistic business while his youngest brother Shailesh Kumar Modi never had any interest in the family business so he graduated in Engineering and doing well in an IT service company in Bangalore itself.

Study and Career

He did his schooling from Pune in Maharashtra and Guwahati in Assam and completed college from Bangalore (Karnataka). In the year 2019, he did his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Production from Harvard University.
The adamant nature of not working under the employment made him enter the business world in the year 1996-1997. His journey to become a successful businessman started with a transport business under the name “Goods Carrying Corporation.” At present, the company has 24 branches pan India including all metro cities of the country. Not just transportation, he also owns other ventures including textiles, logistics, share trading, etc.
Bangalore-based businessman Vikas Modi is honored with Doctorate in Logistics and Transport by France Government in the year 2017.

The way from Business to the Entertainment Industry

Vikas Modi also had a keen interest in film production and so it leads him to open a film production company “Vikas Film Factory”. He has produced few regional and Bollywood films till now.
During his school life, he met then superstar Divya Bharti. That was the time when he saw the lifestyle, luxury, fame, and glamour associated with a superstar, and this interest of him to achieve the fame he decided to become a film producer. So, by the year 2010, he founded Sense Entertainment which was started with the purpose of financing and investing but later on it added on to a passion for the production of movies and Production houses.