Is Union Government Intentionally Delaying in Jairam’s Plea of RTI Act?

Is Union Government Intentionally Delaying in Jairam’s Plea of RTI Act?

The Right to Information (RTI) is again under the question and this time the Central Government is wholly responsible for it. In 2020 Congress leader Jairam Ramesh filed a plea against RTI asking the amendment made the government unparalleled powers to prescribe tenure, salary and allowances of the Chief Information Commissioner and Information Commissioners according to their desire and choices.

It’s been more than a year since filing this case and the central government has not given any answer to this plea. On Friday, the Supreme Court slammed the government and asked “What is wrong with you? It is a very important matter.” Justice MR Shah led by other bench asked the government’s lawyer “the RTI Act is under challenge.” SC has now given two weeks to time to the central government to come up with a reasonable response on the notice and make clarity in the matter.

RTI was made to bring transparency in public administration and empower the common citizen of the country, but if the union government will make such mistakes in the law then the general public will feel cheated. The Modi government should bring fairness in its law and come up with a clean cheat in the matter.

This is not the first time when the RTI act has been put under question. On several occasions RTI became part of questionable provisions bringing unfairness in the law. If the government continues to do such irresponsible delay in its own law and acts then one day our constitution will come under stake and the general public will lose its faith in it.   


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