Budget 2021 Best or Worst?

Budget 2021 Best or Worst?

2021 has turned out to be the most awaited year in the history so far, after 2020 was badly hit by a corona pandemic which  led the entire world to face the biggest lockdown. This year came as a ray of new hope for all the people. Talking just about India, people have faced too many ups and downs in a single year with lowest economic growth. Then comes the budget, which everyone was waiting for the hope that it will bring some positive response in terms of business, money, job sector etc. but as usual, the budget came up with some good and some bad news. Here am listing down a few points that definitely triggered everyone.

No Income Tax Relief

Although 2020 was not a good year at all for every person, as there was complete lockdown for almost 2 months and partial lockdown for 7 months. People have faced loss in every sector, whether its business firms or service sector. People were hoping for some relief in this union budget, but unfortunately it didn’t happen.

High attention to medical aids

Well, it bought a positive note for medical facilities in 2021 after the corona pandemic. Our Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman has provided Rs. 35,000 crore for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Bad bank Loans

This is a positive move by the union government this year. The Govt. will set up an asset reconstruction company that will take over the bad loans for banks and help them to finance the recovery of the country’s economy.

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